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  • Welcome to my garden

    My name is cindy and I have been a farmer and gardener for over 20 years and I want to share my secrets with you!

    Check out my blog Garden Hose adviser for more details!

  • Metal Garden Hose?

    That's right! This year the first metal gardn hoses have come out and people are loving them.


    Read more metal garden hose reviews here.

    Cindy Christie

    I'm here to share my gardening exprerience and teach you girls how to become best gardeners in the world!

  • Expandable Garden Hoses

    Expandable Hoses may vary in price sO when you possess a particular budget, do what you could to stay within it. Making the Hose Last Longer is important and you can find the best expandable hose on amazon or by shopping around at your local hardware stores.

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